Frequently Asked Questions

What is Membership/Concierge Medicine?

Concierge medicine is a close, personal relationship between a patient and a primary care physician. The patient pays an annual fee in exchange for a diagnostic executive physical exam and related ongoing 24/7 communication to support the patient with their exam-related health goals. The number of patients in a concierge medicine practice is limited and typically a small fraction of traditional insurance-only internal medicine practices. Therefore, patients experience little or no wait times for appointments, and the interactions between the physician and patient are not hurried or abbreviated.

Why should I join Metzger Medical?

Metzger Medical is a good fit for patients that want a close, personal relationship with their physician, as well as ongoing communication to support their healthcare goals established during their annual appointment for the diagnostic executive physical exam. Dr. Metzger spends the time necessary to deliver customized care through continual communication and education to support each patient’s needs. This type of care provides better management of existing medical conditions and proactively seeks to prevent future problems from occurring. Proper annual diagnostic screening tests can lead to earlier detection of certain diseases, rendering them more treatable and better managed.

What type of patient comes to Dr. Metzger?

Dr. Metzger offers comprehensive medical care for a wide range of adult patients. In this practice setting, Dr. Metzger can provide individualized and prompt attention to various patient concerns whether it is integrating complex chronic disease with long-term health goals, assessing ways to achieving a proactive approach to your wellness, or simply spending more time face to face with the doctor.

Patients in general good health still benefit from being a member of Metzger Medical through preventative care measures and avoiding disease risk factors. An established relationship with a physician that knows you well is the key to good health and helps avoid situations where you are treated as a symptom instead of a person. Additionally, busy patients value being able to touch base with their doctor in a convenient way. The ongoing communication to support annual exam-related health goals creates 24/7 availability. Also, the smaller patient panel of this practice model results in same day/next day appointments and limited wait times.

Do I still need insurance?

Yes. Membership-based medicine is not a substitute for insurance. Insurance is necessary to cover office visits and additional medically indicated diagnosis and treatment such as bloodwork, immunizations, diagnostic imaging, and hospitalization.

Do I still pay my co-pay or any other incurred charges outside of insurance?

Yes. You will remain responsible for your co-pay and any other charges that insurance does not cover. This includes services delivered by the practice for plan-covered healthcare. For plan-covered office visits, Dr. Metzger is currently in negotiations with the insurance plans he previously accepted.

Do you accept Medicare?

Yes. Dr. Metzger is Medicare participatory.

Does my insurance cover any portion of the membership fee?

In most cases, it will not. All private fee services (diagnostic annual physical and ongoing communication support) are outside Medicare and Medicaid coverage and not reimbursed by Medicare (please do not submit these fees to Medicare). If/when the practice becomes in-network with private payers, it is possible but unlikely the private payer plan will reimburse a portion of your private fees allocable to the annual diagnostic physical. However, Metzger Medical’s annual diagnostic physical exam is far more robust and comprehensive than a plan- covered “preventative” physical. Furthermore, those “preventative” physicals do not reimburse for or cover the patient health education and ongoing support the practice provides its patients. Can I pay the membership fee with HSA, FSA or HRA funds?

We have designed our private fee services to not only be outside Medicare/Medicaid coverage but also to be eligible for HSA/FSA/HRA funds utilization. Our private fee services are a combination of an annual routine diagnostic physical exam and ongoing communication to support the patient with their exam-related health goals. These private fee services are identified as Medical Expenses in IRS Publication 502 and Medical Expenses are eligible for HSA/FSA/HRA funds utilization. However, individual patient tax situations and benefits packages can vary, so patients are encouraged to check with their tax professional and/or plan coordinator to confirm eligibility.

What if I have an urgent need outside of office hours?

For urgent or emergent needs after hours, you will be able to reach Dr. Metzger by phone. For the common cold or minor accidents, he can direct your care until you can be seen in the office with the goal of saving you from extensive wait times and potential out of pocket expense. For more critical care, he can recommend an ER evaluation if necessary.

What is the membership fee?

Please call the office at (214) 396-7575 for details.

Can I pay the membership fee in installments?

Yes. It can be paid quarterly or annually with a check or credit card.

Is there a discount for spouses and children?

Please call the office to discuss discounts and family packages.

Who will take care of me when Dr. Metzger is on vacation?

Dr. Metzger makes every effort to be available by phone and email. However, if that is not possible, a covering physician will be available.

How do I join?

Please contact us at (214) 396-7575 or email our membership coordinator at If you are interested, we are happy to arrange a time for you to meet Dr. Metzger and answer any additional questions about Metzger Medical you may have.