Metzger Medical is the membership based family medicine practice of Dr. Tyler Metzger.

At Metzger Medical, patients pay an annual membership fee in exchange for specific services that are not covered by health insurance plans.  This includes a diagnostic executive physical exam and related ongoing 24/7 communication to support the patient with their exam-related health goals.  Therefore, patients receive customized care and have optimal communication with Dr. Metzger.

The number of patients are limited so that Dr. Metzger can invest significantly more time in each patient.  By having a smaller patient panel and detaching from depending exclusively on healthcare insurance reimbursement, the following naturally occur:

  • longer, unhurried appointments
  • expedient appointments that fit your schedule (typically same or next day)
  • 24/7 availability by phone or email
  • coordination with specialists and help navigating the complicated healthcare environment
  • personal healthcare reminders and health education